Another Blog?!?! Great… >_<

Posted on June 7, 2011


I am confident of two things in starting the blog thatCUguy:

1. I will not change the world with this blog. I may cure smallpox, but that’s so rare now it’s hardly earth shattering news.

2. I want to have fun with the credit union movement. Too many either don’t know that there is a movement or if they do, they don’t know how many fun, cool things are going on right now. The more CU folks that take advantage of organizations like Filene Research Institute, the Crashers, and CU Swag the better off the CU movement will be. Not that any of these folks need my help, but the more voices pushing these groups the better. Oh and there’s even a credit union themed band, The Disclosures, that show how to deal with an important topic in a fun, engaging manner:

One “fun” part of starting this blog was the influx of random web designers. Ever since I put out a question of what blog site to use, I’ve gotten so many random web developer followers, they now rival the number of random stripper/web cam girls that are following me. That trend is very entertaining for my wife who doesn’t quite understand just how random twitter is. She doesn’t get that those cam girls following me is entirely unprovoked and is the real world equivalent of yelling across a crowded bar. [Disclaimer: all of the above have since been blocked, it’s just easier this way]

Despite this, Twitter really is an amazing invention. Da Vinci drew designs for tanks and helicopters, Jules Verne predicted the rocket to the moon and undersea voyages long before they were invented and Back to the Future predicted we’d have flying skate boards.

Wait, we still don’t have these?!?! Come on science!

But, no one predicted Twitter. No one. That’s how unique it is.

But, I digress. I want to do this blog to talk credit union. I’m a recent convert and believe wholeheartedly in the cooperative business model and I hope to convince others to as well. I believe you shouldn’t have to compromise your morals to get financial services, nod to UK Cooperative Bank. I also believe we should all live the cooperative movement and plan to chronicle my mission to do business with as many coops as possible.

Thanks and hope you enjoy.

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